As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

Forget Love, I Want Swedish Pickles!



Revision isn’t exactly a fun thing to do, is it? Henry VIII’s tedious reign, full of foreign policies and alliances, mixed with defiant nobles, troublesome wives, and the pompous Thomas Wolsey who runs around after the King like a little puppy isn’t the sort of thing I would willingly be writing about on a Wednesday afternoon in the last week of my holidays. So I did what every teenager does when faced with tons of History prep – I tried to make it fun. And yes, to a girl with mild OCD, fun includes organising every aspect of Henry’s reign into it’s own section, full of bullet points that are colour coded and sorted by date. I don’t need your standard black ink, thank you, Mr Trimby. Oh the joys of coloured pens! My revision will surely be the prettiest in the class. Chocolate and lashings of ginger beer (it was Diet Coke, but Enid Blyton taught me at a young age that ginger beer sounds better) appeared amongst the rainbow array of note cards and mind maps, and, of course, music.


Ah, music. Good tunes can cheer up any occasion – it could be a dreary day of revision, a boring day at work, a hopeless hour cleaning, or they can even turn an awkward silent lift home with your friend’s parent into a raving road trip. Whatever your mood, music is there to help. Except, I have found that lately, music seems rather… Limited. Yes, limited, to one subject: Love. Whether it be heartbreak, or love found, or absence of love entirely, it’s always there. Poor Adele continues to moan about her past love who has moved on, and Christina Perri is still tortured by the man with his ‘Jar of Hearts’. Who can forget Kelly Clarkson gloating about how others have to wait a lifetime for ‘A Moment Like This’, but not her? And, of course, there’s Flo Rida, affectionately informing his beloved that she can ‘work it’. But is it just me who is bored of this subject?! Why must songs of love be written to death? It reminds single people of just how alone they are, and also tells couples that their relationship should be like it is in their songs. Who said that these artists knew love better than people like us, who sound a little worse than my dear cat when I stepped on his tail as I fell out of my room this morning (sorry, Carlos)? I’m sorry if I sound out of line here, but I’d like to think that I have a better knowledge on love than men who beat up their partners (Ike Turner, Chris Brown, I’m looking at you on this one). 


It’s not even like it’s love in general. It’s always the troubles of love between people… Whatever happened to the love of possessions?! Does no one else want to ‘ride their bicycle’ like Queen did? I’d much rather hear Scouting For Girls sing about their obsession for Swedish pickles than bidding farewell to yet another failed relationship. I listened to Ed Sheeran and Example freestyle about Nandos on repeat for about a week! Why? It was different, it was original, and I loved the breath of fresh air! I want Lil Wayne to rap about his adoration for the crisp taste of still water, not the smell of beer on some girl’s breath. Beyonce, forget about your saving grace, I want to hear about that new candle you bought that smells of vanilla cupcakes. Anyone can write a song on love, but if you are really talented, then prove it to me with a song about random things that can make Number 1 and beat Pink begging ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ to her current flame.


I continued to click ‘Next’ on my iPod, and finally paused on song 173, which was a bunch of teenagers singing about their love of cooking, homework, and playing the cello. Yes, current top-selling artists, I would rather screech along with the cast of High School Musical than listen to your wails on love. Stop singing about it, fix your relationship, and come back with an entertaining hit titled ‘That Herbal Tea’. I’ll buy it if no one else will.




At present, dear readers, I have had 68 views on this blog alone, so I know that I am not talking to myself any more! Thank you so much for reading my entries, and I hope that I can continue to dazzle your minds with my insight on life. Much love to you all! Good night.



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