As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

Packing Panic!




My dear readers, I always seem to begin my blog entries with me waking up thanks to my father… Well, this entry is different. I woke up of my own accord today. The house was quiet… Too quiet. I sat up in bed, confused as to where my dreaded wake-up call was. It was then that I noticed a shadow outside my door. Could it be a burglar? Maybe this was why the house was so quiet – had my parents been tied up and gagged while they robbed the house, the burglars not realising I was still in bed?! My heart raced as I crept towards the door… The shadow was stocky, but strangely short. Maybe he was on his knees, planning on stealing my revision sheet on ‘Wolsey’s Bad Domestic Policies’? No one steals my revision sheets! I swung the door open in anger, and immediately ran back to my bed in fear. I should have known this was coming. I should have expected to be met by this sight, but I hadn’t realised the date. The cause of the shadow, ladies and gentlemen, was my suitcase.


Now, my dear readers, I can understand that I have may caused some confusion here. Most people are delighted that they have their suitcase out – it normally means you are going off on a glorious holiday, and packing becomes gleeful. You may also be wondering why a 16-year-old girl has a suitcase out just before the Spring school term begins. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I shall put an end to your suffering – I am a student at a boarding school. On average, every year, to go to and from school, I will pack that suitcase of mine 12 times. As a result, my dear readers, I. Hate. Packing.


My ‘hatred’ may seem like an exaggeration to those of you who haven’t been in this position – you may think, “Well, she doesn’t hate packing, she might dislike it, but she can’t hate it. What a ridiculous thing to hate!” I am sorry to say this, old chum, but you are wrong. So very wrong. I hate packing. I dread it. I despise it.


The thing is though, it isn’t even packing as a whole that I detest. It’s packing for school. “What is the difference?”, you might ask. Well, that is what I am here to educate you all about today: The Reasons Why Packing For School Is Much Worse Than Packing For A Holiday (long title, I know.)Think about the last time YOU packed for a perfect, sunny holiday. You pulled your beautiful little suitcase onto your bed, unzipped the lid and threw it back in excitement to begin the wonderful packing adventure. First, you placed your towel in the case – the brightest one you own, normally a delicious, ice blue to match the glorious pool that you will be diving into on your fabulous holiday. Then the gorgeous outfits that are far too summery to be worn where you live, but, because you’re on holiday, you’ve decided to be totally outrageous and wear that lime green and yellow jumpsuit you’ve had stashed in the back of your wardrobe since you knocked over a stall in your local charity shop and felt you had to buy something in way of apology. What comes next? Oh, of course – the swimwear. Ladies, those beautiful bikinis that you bought from La Redoute are all going in that case so you can wear 3 different ones a day, right? And guys, I hope you’ve proudly packed 4 pairs of Hawaiian shorts – no one wants to see Speedos on you unless you’re Tom Daley, and please don’t make me explain why mankinis are a no go. Then you have your adorable little hand-sized shampoo and shower gel bottles, and enough sun-cream to save the whole beach from sunburn. Maybe some jewellery, and sweets for the plane, and boom – you are set and excited for your holiday. Perfect.


Packing for boarding school – a whole different kettle of fish. Especially if your boarding school is on the cliffs of Dover. Forget your skimpy bikinis – you need woolly hats, gloves, scarves, thick jumpers and onesies. I have 9 onesies, people, 9 onesies! I love them. They are the saviours of my life. Also, because it’s school, you obviously have to take work. Sometimes you are quite pleased to be packing it in your case – smugly thinking of your teachers’ faces when you hand them your beautiful, colourful work that you spent hours doing. But sometimes, there is that one piece of work you forgot to do, and you break out in a sweat as you pack it, knowing you have no time to do it before you leave in the car. Work also restricts the amount of clothes you can bring back. Ah, clothes. Now that is an issue. There is only room for so many clothes to go back, so you have to get that balance between your personal things and your clothes. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice one of your new hoodies to make space for your laptop – that’s just how it is. If you have to travel back on the train, then that means reducing the amount you take back by about half! Once, I had to leave my beloved music speakers and my darling ukulele at home… My ukulele is my baby. When I’m sat in my room, bored out of my mind, I play my ukulele. 6 weeks I had to go without it… 6 weeks! Oh, the agony!


Do you see the difference now, my beautiful friends? You don’t have to sacrifice things for holidays! Everything you want to go, can go! Your little black heels, your laptop, your new dress, your sun hat… Your family.


When you pack those final pieces for school, you realise that, this time tomorrow, you’ll be leaving your loved ones behind. You can’t take your family to boarding school. There is no Mum to grab a coffee with when shopping for matching onesies… No Dad to wake you up and take you on pointless but eye-opening trips… No brother to have pointless arguments with and to crawl on supermarket floors for… No sister to eat countless chocolates with… No cat to cuddle with in front of the TV. That’s the hardest part of packing up your things – you know that when you unpack it, you’ll be alone in your room. Yes, you’re back with your friends, and, don’t get me wrong, I love being at my school – it’s different, exciting, and I wouldn’t leave it for any other school in the world. But it does hurt to leave your family behind, and then to leave your friends when you come home. It hurts the most when that case is there – it makes you know that leaving is soon. Wow, sorry, readers, this entry wasn’t meant to turn depressing like that! But, I did warn you that my blog is to be entirely truthful, and that is how I feel. 


On a lighter note, another hard thing with packing is that, when I’m at school, I have to pack alone. When I’m home, my amazing Mother helps me pack – she makes all my clothes smell homely and organises all my packing. I barely have to do anything – what a babe. But at school… Well, I’m lazy. We get told to pack 3 days before we actually leave, so what do I think? That’s loads of time! I’ll do it tomorrow… Suddenly, it’s the last day and my parents have rung me to say that they are an hour away. I look around my room. Everything is… Everywhere. Dirty clothes in my wash basket. Bin full. Bed not stripped. Prep undone. I stare in dismay, pick up one dirty t-shirt, and I’m Superwoman. Don’t ask me how, but, 50 minutes later, I’m sat on the couch, playing Spider Solitaire on my phone, surrounded by bags and waiting for my parents. That moment is when I feel that maybe… just maybe… I’m amazing. Then, of course, we get home, and my mother asks me why I only have one glove… Maybe not so amazing…




So, my dear readers, we reached 150 views today! Woop woop! I am more excited at every view my little blog gets, and I think it’s incredible that people actually take the time to read what I write. Now, I don’t want to panic any of you, but I fear that the school internet may have restrictions that stop me from writing this blog from the school premises, but I– Hey, stop crying, I said not to panic! I have devised a plan to get around this slight hiccup and, I won’t go into details (details are boring) but THERE WILL BE A BLOG ENTRY FOR EVERY DAY OF 2013 AT LEAST! This is my promise to you, beautiful people of the internet, and I don’t break promises. Much love to you all. Good night. 🙂



3 comments on “Packing Panic!

  1. Andrea
    January 6, 2013

    Loving your little blogs sweetie, keep up the good work xx

  2. Jill
    January 6, 2013

    I have the solution to all your problems….throw away the suitcase and invest in vacuum storage bags! They will hold far more, so you can return to Hogworts with all nine of your onesies. They take up less storage space and are ideal for storing all the outfits that you brought with you but will never get the chance to wear. The car boot will then allow you to accommodate your ukulele, your sound system, your own bed, mirror etc. Unfortunately storage bags and cats aren’t an ideal combination but when I was at boarding school there were several animals living on the same floor as me, in my junior years I even shared a dorm with some! Adopt one and see if you train them up to be a fully fledged member of the human race, not only is it rewarding but will help pass the time until it is time to refill your vacuum bags with piles of washing, gloves for both the left and right hand and return to the loving (but mad) arms of your mother.
    Enjoy your Spring term and carry on blogging. I can’t promise to respond everyday but I will be monitoring the situation.

  3. jordanaliciaoliver
    January 30, 2013

    I will be waiting every day for your blogs. They let me know what your doing whilst your gone, and i can just see your personality piercing through every word you type, And that is why i love your blog so much…. Keep em’ coming. xxxxx

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