As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

Missing ‘Muncher’ & Madonna Mania

Waking up for your first day at work or school after the holidays is always going to be challenging. After so many peaceful lie-ins that led into blissfull days of doing anything you wanted, to hearing your alarm go off at half past 6 to prepare you for a hard day’s work, it is never going to be an easy transition. Normally, I hit the snooze button a couple of times before rushing when I realise I have 5 minutes. Not today. This isn’t because suddenly I was motivated for a thrilling day of work, or because there was a fire alarm. No, today I got up straight away… Because of a mouse.

Mice. The whole mice race needs to be exterminated completely. I hate the little things – scurrying around with their ugly little faces, scraggly whiskers and an extreme hunger for anything possibly edible. The dreaded mouse of today wasn’t even in my room to bother me – they know better than to come near me in the morning! No, this morning, the mouse was in another person’s room, and managed to disturb me by sending the owner of said room to me.

So this morning, as I lay peacefully in bed, with another 10 minutes to wait until my alarm was due to go off, I was rudely awakened by my door thrown open and light from outside shining in. My eyes shot open to see a girl with long ginger hair surrounded by a duvet stood in my doorway, calling my name persistently. I grumbled in response, and she moaned, ‘Help me! There’s a mouse in my room!’ before walking back down the corridor. My head fell back to the pillow, so soft and welcoming, and I contemplated returning to sleep. I then thought of how scared I would have been had there been an unwelcome visitor in MY room in the early hours. My heart, too big for my own good, propelled me from my bed and I stomped my way down the corridor.

I entered the room and was met by a hilarious site. The ginger was kneeling on her bed, pointing at the cupboard under her bed where clothes and food was spread everywhere. I passed her the hockey stick laid on her desk, and she smashed it down on her clothes, again and again, like a crazed maniac. I leant against the wall, holding my stomach in fits of laughter. She threw a crisp packet at me, causing me to scream in fear. Sure enough, there were tiny nibble marks. I confirmed that they may have been caused by a small rodent, and her assassination continued. Clothes were destroyed, shoes thrown everywhere and food checked and sealed away. No mouse was to be found. It either was completely imaginary, or it had escaped during the annialation of it’s humble abode. I helped her retrieve a towel from the wreckage pile of her room, nicknamed the missing mouse ‘Muncher’, and left for a shower. What a wake up call…

It was in the shower that I was cursed. An evil spirit flew through the air, searching for an innocent, open mind to disturb. There I was, happily showering away, blissfully quiet in the silence of the morning, laughing to myself occasionally at the memories of the mouse mystery. The musical spirit had identified it’s prey and plan of attack. Somebody left the bath house singing – and the melodic spirit had landed. That damn song was to play now in my head for the remainder of the day. Stupidly, I acknowledged it to start, singing along. That made it increase in power and annoyance. I sang it in the shower, while I dressed, walking to classrooms, in lessons, alone in my room… Everywhere I went. ‘Like A Virgin’ isn’t exactly the song you want to be heard humming all day, let alone singing… Damn you, Madonna, damn you…

Well, my dear readers, it’s been a long, dreary first day back! Have you all returned to work or school now, or are you still lazing around at home? Whatever your work position, I hope your return has been a joyous one, and not as eventful as mine! Thankyou for reading this blog – I hope it entertained you! Much love to you all. Good night.



2 comments on “Missing ‘Muncher’ & Madonna Mania

  1. aspiringbird
    January 7, 2013

    well its good to know your room is rodent free lol i guess they know better than to actually wake you up before 11am, lovely read again charlotte x

  2. sheila marsay
    January 8, 2013

    Pk you are keeping me entertained … love you x

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