As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

Winter Warmers!

How do YOU warm yourself up in winter? Do you turn the radiators up as high as you can, or are you even that lucky person with a real coal fire in their house that you can sit and warm yourself by? That sounds like an idillic scene to me – watching TV as the fire crackles in a onesie with the family and a hot beverage… Bliss.

As I am at boarding school, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot indulge in these luxuries. The worst part is probably having no control over the heating. It’s on low all day in my room, while we aren’t even there, and then turns off at 10:00PM so it’s stone cold when I get into bed! I shiver under my duvet, and dream of a land in the Sun, away from the cold sea winds on the cliffs of Dover…

However, I know that the school Tuck Shop has it’s heating on full blast all through the afternoon, and it also has food. This was the obvious destination point for the one Saturday this term that I’m not allowed down town! I planned to travel there and steal their heat, but I needed to get there first without turning into an ice sculpture en route…. And out came the glorious warm clothing range.

Living in Dover, you learn to bring back as much warm clothing as possible. This means long sleeves tops in every colour, chunky knit jumpers, over-sized hoodies, thick leggings, onesies (the ultimate winter nightwear choice), gloves, scarves and – my personal favourite – hats. I have the strangest and fluffiest hat collection the world has ever seen. There are many ski hats (despite having never been skiing), bobble hats, and berets of every colour, design, pattern and ranging in quantity off fluff on the rim – fluff quantity is definitely the selling point for a good hat.

Knowing my love of scarves, gloves, and weird hats, my Mother dearest got me the strangest creation in knitwear for Christmas. It is so peculiar I don’t even know what to call it… It’s a scarf with hood like a hat and pockets like gloves… My name thoughts have been Scarhaves, Hovearfs, or Glorfat. Which do you think is more apt for this marvellous creation of warming genius? Tell me in the comments section of this blog, and the most popular answer will be the name given to the knitwear item of glory!

Today’s winter outfit consisted of thick black leggings, Arctic socks, long sleeve black top, a baggy Hollister hoodie, and furry boots, teamed with my beloved Scarhave/Hovearf/Glorfat. I set off to the tucky with the aforementioned ‘Elvis-loving’ friend for joyous warmth and glorious food. Battling our way through the cold wind was torturous, and I hoped it would be worth it.

It was. It really was. I ran into the tucky, and essentially walked into a sauna, which welcomed me with open arms like a giant hug, warming my chilled bones immediately. This heated haven was heaven. I ordered a hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows – the ultimate winter beverage – and skulked over to my seat to wait for my giant 12″ barbecue chicken pizza to arrive to warm my insides up as I bathed in the delightful heat. Who cares if the house’s heating is feeble – the Tucky is like going to Hawaii but with English food and cheap prices! Lush day spent there, doing nothing but gorging on hot food in the Room of Heated Heaven. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is appreciating the little things in life – good heating and good food. Bliss: achieved!

So, my dear readers, our laser gun, Blog Blaster 3000, appears to have raised the views up to an amazing 450 views – pat on the back for everyone! I am so grateful for every reader of this little blog of mine – yes, that means YOU! Thank you so much, and I hope this entry warmed your hearts (oh, I’m too clever with my words, really, it’s incredible…)! Much love to you all. Good night.



3 comments on “Winter Warmers!

  1. Michelle
    January 13, 2013

    Mum’s always come up with good ideas!! It’s just a bummer having to admit it to them 🙂

  2. sheila marsay
    January 13, 2013

    “very good inspiration”

  3. Kylie
    January 14, 2013

    I myself am lucky enough to have a hovearf <——— my choice of name!

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