As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

My Phone Box.

Sundays are always so boring. The morning has a long long looong Chapel service, and then what? Nothing. Nada. Nilch. Nothing!

One friend was revising for her Maths exam tomorrow. I offered to help but no, she can only revise properly ‘by herself’ apparently. How lonely… By herself, of course means just her, work, and a load of Elvis Presley blasting through her headphones. I sadly noted her ‘Little Less Conversation’ attitude and bumbled off down the corridor.

My Spanish friend was in her room… Maybe she was bored and needing a friend like me… I opened the door and was hit by a tirade of Spanish, accompanied with energetic hand movements. Damn it, Skype, why?!

Next was my neigbouring friend – she and I had spent many an hour simply throwing balloons at each other – she would want me! I opened her door to an empty room – she was revising Maths and had fled to other Math enthusiasts around school…

I flew around the house, and arrived outside my friend’s room (the one with the suspected mouse, Muncher). I smiled, and entered the room of friendship, love and… Snoring gingers. Great.

I searched for the last inhabitant of the house in my year, determined to enjoy this day of rest. I eventually found her as she was leaving the house to do photography and buy food… *Sigh*.

I walked slowly to my room, defeated and alone. It appears everyone had plans – but me. I had no work to do, and done so much revision already… All I’d wanted was one day of fun, but no. I sat on my bed, searching my room for entertainment.

It was then I spotted the box. A simple, black box in the corner of my room. I thought back to TV programmes like Spongebob Squarepants, where a box held the key to fun and could serve hours of entertainment! I knew what I had to  – I climbed into the box and sat, allowing my imagination to run wild. Was it a car, racing in the Formula 1? A spaceship, blasting through space? A pirate ship, searching for lost treasure?

It remained a box. My childish thoughts were long gone, and instead of adventures, I was just sat in a box, alone and bored. I whipped my phone out – the modern form of fun! I Facebooked, I Tweeted, I checked my Blog stats, I read 9Gag, I texted, I rang people, and I played Spider Solitaire. The TV programmes were right – sitting in a box can be so much fun! Sometimes, you just need a nice accompanient, like a phone… And so I say: God Bless My Phone Box.

Well, my dear readers, 458 views smashed past like a giant wrecking ball through a building! I am so happy and it’s all down to YOU! Thank you ALL so much! Much love to you all. Goodnight.



One comment on “My Phone Box.

  1. News
    January 19, 2013

    Awesome post.

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