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Woman In Black – AAHHH!

I hate horror movies. The suspense, the anticipation, the faces, the music, the sound effects… Just don’t go there. I do not see the thrill in scaring yourself silly and having sleepless nights. Another no is using children. Children in a horror movie are so terrifying – Sixth Sense has confirmed my desire for no children, lest they ‘see dead people’.

Woman In Black is a particually scary film. The creepy music, the flickering candle flame, the creaking doors… That damn rocking chair. China dolls, dead children, ghosts, dark mansions, fog… It has it all. It took me from Saturday morning until the following Wednesday afternoon to finish watching it, as I had to watch it in intervals due to my running away in fear.

At least you can turn off a film, assume the foetal position and rock yourself to sleep. You can’t do that in a theatre, as I discovered today, when I travelled to London to watch Woman in Black in the Fortune Theatre.

Considering my reaction to the film, you may be asking why the heck I would go all the way to London to watch it in the theatre, where there is no escape. I’ll tell you why, beautiful people of the Internet – I am an idiot.

We were seated right at the very top of the theatre, so we had to leer over the edge cautiously in order to watch the play. Thank God I don’t have vertigo, that’s all I say.

To be perfectly honest, as I took my seat and prepared myself for heart failure and certain death, it wasn’t as scary as anticipated. Yes, the woman looked like the walking dead. Yes, the acting was fabulous. And yes, I did jump in fear. It was, overall, a fantastic performance. But clearly I am not as big a scaredycat as I previously thought, considering the reactions of the girls in the row behind me and my ginger friend.

If you compared me and my dear ginger to those 3 girls, we may as well have been the newest recruits of the A Team. Screams, jumps and wails erupted from the row behind. Disapproving looks were exchanged between me and my ginger ninja, as we were kicked in the back for the 3rd time. Every time the woman in black appeared, I braced myself for another power kick.

Seriously though, the play was fantastic. If you enjoy being truly terrified, then I would definitely recommend it. My fingers were permanently in my ears, and I stared at the floor for the majority of the play. Do go watch it, and I can promise you at least one sleepless night, whether it be the play, or the memory of the annoying person’s next to you screaming. Both are haunting.

Well, my dear readers, we have reached over 900 views! Holy maccoroni!!! Yay!! Thankyou all so much for reading these entries!!! Much love to you all. Good night.



2 comments on “Woman In Black – AAHHH!

  1. penkethking
    January 26, 2013

    Well done for surviving it Charlotte hope you sleep well tonight lol

  2. Johnathan Pines
    January 27, 2013

    I don’t know whats more scary – this film/play or the fact you have a ginger friend?

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