As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

Our Country’s Good.

Another day, another theatre show. Saturday, I was scared out of my wits by The Woman In Black. Sunday, I weeped and wailed as my heart broke watching Les Miserables. And now Monday brought me the performance of Our Country’s Good in Ashford.

Not a play I was familiar with, but still I went along. It tells the tale of a 2nd Lieutenant directing a play with his cast made up of convicts he has escorted to Australia, much to the disapproval of his fellow officers.

What an excellent performance I witnessed before me. The extraordinary passion that exploded from the stage grabbed me by the nape of my neck, causing me to savour every vile detail of the mistreatment of convicts. The desperation of freedom was evident, along with its terrible consequences.

An actor I felt was particually amazing was Ciaran Owens. He played 2 characters: a poor hangman convict calles Ketch Freeman, and harsh Major Robbie Ross. Both characters were so different, I could hardly believe that Owens played them both. Dear Freeman, desperate to be forgiven for his sin of hanging those forced in front of him – I wanted to hold and hug him until his tears of despair subsided, and to slap those who despised him so awfully. And Major Robbie Ross – an evil Captain, with filthy ways and the air of a pretentious villain, full of love for only himself and empty of pity or feelings towards any other. I simply could not take my eyes off of Owens – his stage presence was awesome, not forgetting his obvious good looks (those eyes!) and the smooth and dangerous accents he delivered. What a treat!

Max Stafford-Clark directed this play, and also gave a small talk to his intimate audience. I shall be studying his work in the following year for my Drama A Level, and so it was a real honour to hear him talk. He is a well respected man in his field, and you could see the value of his experience and accomplishments as the audience drank in every word he said. Clearly a man of the arts, it was inspirational to hear him talk. I was transfixed, and now here I am, laid in bed, yet the thoughts of my experiences tonight are still swimming around in my head. Performances that take me like that are the reason I love to act, and the memory of a good play shall never leave my mind. Oh, the theatre…

Well, my dear readers, I am pleased and honoured to announce that this blog has finally smashed the barrier of 1,000 VIEWS!!! Pull out the party poppers!!! Thankyou all for reading my blog! Much love to you all. Good night.



2 comments on “Our Country’s Good.

  1. patsieann
    January 29, 2013

    When are you ever at school ????

  2. sheila marsay
    January 29, 2013

    very touching Charlotte PK

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