As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

Poundland Palava.

My weekend away from school proved to be an expensive one. We bought train tickets, popcorn, cinema tickets, dinner… I left the weekend with nothing but 71p in my purse, but it was worth it.

I knew that there was a deal on in Poundland where you could buy 3 fizzy drink cans for £1. After examining this deal, I saw that they were going for 45p individually. Not exactly £1 divided by 3, but still cheaper than the usual 50p can at school. I selected a Cherry Coke, and skipped to the counter.

Placing the can on the counter, I brought out a 50p coin and held it in my hand. I stared at the man before me – I didn’t like the sight that me. He stood slouching with a moody look and mouth hanging open, breathing heavily and sniffing. I tried to hold in my disgust as I gazed upon the man who strongly resembled the troll that follows Hermoine into the girl’s bathroom.

He leant on his other leg and sighed. “I’m going to have to charge you £1 for that ’cause while the deal is on, you can’t buy it at the individual price”, he informed me, in a bored, monotonous voice.

I thought through my options. Do the walk of shame and return the item to the shelf… Or be a rebel teenager and make a run for it.

Can you imagine being arrested for stealing from Poundland? I’m not suggesting stealing is ever acceptable, but I am sure that you will agree that if you ever got caught stealing then it would be something expensive, not a can of Cherry Coke from Poundland. The conversation with your cell mate would be hilarious: “What were you arrested for?”
“Oh, I kidnapped a model in my stolen Aston Martin DB9. What about you?’
“I was 29p short when I tried to buy Cherry Coke from Poundland, so I ran out but I was caught. I’m such a rebel, right?”
“Wow, sure, yeah…”
I’d pay to see that conversation.

However, I knew this was never really an option. I’m too honest and good to ever steal anything. I could never do a runner… I’d fall over. And feel guilty. Obviously.

My cheeks flushed red as I returned the can to the shelf. Oh the shame of not being able to afford an item in Poundland. I felt people staring at me and realising I don’t even have a pound to my name.

I’m a student, though. It’s acceptable to be poor as a student. It’s fine, people of Dover, judge away. I get money on Friday, and I’ll go back, buy that can, and drink it in front of me. So yeah. No stealing for me.

I don’t understand how Poundland can afford to be so fussy. Surely a shop that aims to provide things cheaply for people who can’t buy the expensive products, they should accept the money I offer! They would have done had the deal not been on! Why keep the 45p label on it if it doesn’t count? Please, Poundland, save people from this embarrassment – lower your standards or remove the label!
Charlotte Penketh-King, Valued Complaining Customer #92830.

Well, my dear readers, we have hit £1,171 views today! Yay! It just gets higher and higher! So happy! Tomorrow’s blog is dedicated to someone special, so check it out. Much love to you all. Good night.



4 comments on “Poundland Palava.

  1. patsieann
    January 31, 2013

    Well I shall boycott them and stop buying my caviar and champagne there. That’ll teach them !

  2. sheila marsay
    January 31, 2013

    You poor student , my heart goes out to you xxx

  3. jordanaliciaoliver
    January 31, 2013

    I know what you mean, Poundland are just so difficult, they need to sort out their priorities, You are their 92830th customer, you should be able to get it for 45p. If i was you i would of ran, and then i would of made my story sound so much better than what it was, if anyone asked. for example i may say:
    i went into Poundland, and got my cherry coke, seperataly the price should of been 45p but when i went to the counter and they tried to con me to pay £1. Pk ain’t paying no £1. So i pulled me gun out of me baggy trousers and i got the coke for free, The PO-PO then pulled up and started asking me questions so i tried to do the same thing but they took me down.
    After saying that, i am almost certain that the other criminals would never mess about with you. Even I would be scared of you.
    Keep up with the typey typey. xxxx

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    February 6, 2013

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