As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.


Today is my friend’s birthday. He is 17, and obviously he wanted to celebrate! Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed out on a Sunday. However, we are allowed out on a Saturday night for dinner. So, instead of celebrating at school, he took about 25 people, including me, out with him to our local pub for dinner on Saturday night. I chose to blog about this party in today’s blog because, although we celebrated yesterday, his actual birthday was today, so I thought it was more appropriate to talk about it today!

I had never been out for dinner whilst at school before, due to not really having much cash on me to hand easily or a reason to go out, so when his birthday arose, I leapt at the opportunity. This resulted in a series of dilemmas.

Dilemma 1: What to wear? Going out for dinner calls for a fancy, smart outfit, like a dress and smart blazer – both of which I have none! After much fretting and deliberating, I stole my ginger friend’s green check shirt and teamed it with my black tube skirt, thin black tights… and Dr Marten boots. I don’t ever have appropriate shoes for occasions! Thanks to my MASSIVE feet, I find it hard to buy nice girly shoes, and instead wear my faithful Converse trainers and Dr Marten boots. Don’t get me wrong, I adore these shoes, but wearing them all the time does look weird, especially next to all the girls in sparkly heels and pretty ankle boots. Thankfully, my boots went with my outfit this time, and off we all clattered towards the pub.

Dilemma 2 emerged as we were all led through the pub by a waitress: Where to sit, and who to sit with? My heart beat uncontrollably fast, my palms sweated and I flushed red at the thought of sitting in between people I feel uncomfortable or simply don’t know. It was then that I was rescued. My arms were grabbed by two beautifully dressed girls whom I love dearly, and I was marched towards a seat next to one of them and almost opposite the other. After much complimenting on each other’s appearances, we 3 girls ventured off towards where we were to place our order.

Here is where Dilemma 3 presented itself: What to order? I knew that all I had in my purse was a £10 note and a few loose pennies, so my decision here was vital. I had to order something that would both fill me up and also not cost much. I decided on a Chicken Liver Pate starter, a Chocolate Indulgence Sundae pudding and a refillable Diet Coke. Sorted!

Those moments spent ordering were made rather hilarious by me and my rather busty friend, much to the annoyance of my other embarrassed friend and the amusement of the waiter. Crude jokes were made about her choice of sausage and mash for dinner, and fake ‘Customer Announcements’ echoed around us in our annoying nasal voices. The waiter kept laughing at us, which was a mistake, as it just spurred us on. Grabbing about 10 straws each, we tottered back to the table, laughing our socks off as we provided others at the table with straws. How kind and considerate we are!

I thought that, as I only had a starter, then I would still be starving for when my pudding arrived. However, due to my intake of about 6 Diet Cokes (God bless refillables), I found rather intimadated by the challenge that was set before me and my friend, (who had happily joined in with the larks of me and my busty friend after dismissing our hilarious jokes at the ordering point). We both had ordered a Chocolate Indulgence Sundae, and my God were we about to be treated! Brownie pieces and chocolate ice cream, topped with marshmallows, crunchy chocolate bits, toffee sauce and whipped cream was placed in front of our faces in a huge latte glass. Our eyes lit up in anticipation, and we both nudged each other gleefully, excitedly examining the masterpiece as to find a place to begin feasting. The cream, toffee sauce and crunchy chocolate bits proved easy. It was as I was polishing off the marshmallows that I began to struggle. Ice cream, ice cream, so much ice cream! My jaw ached from the sweetness as I leant against my male friend’s arm next to me, moaning quietly in defeat. This sundae was my Everest – I had to defeat it. I trudged through the ice cream, my teeth hurting from the cold. Swallowing the last bit of chocolate brownie, I felt joy, triumph, and a little bit sick. It was done.

And then, so suddenly, it was time to leave. Walking back into the school, I felt sad that such a fun night had come to an end. I thought back on the laughs shared that night, the jokes constantly flowing between me, my busty friend, and Sundae buddy, whom I now feel closer than ever to. The night air was cold on my legs, but I still walked fairly slowly, savouring the last moments of such a joyous night. I hugged my friends goodnight, including the Birthday Boy himself, and skipped into the house, giddy with happiness. Climbing into bed that night, I slept with a smile still stuck on my face. Sometimes, I really do love my life.

Well, my dear readers, here ends another glorious blog. Today, I moderated a few more comments, and was touched by the ones I read. Seeing people took the time to comment is so heart-warming and it really makes everything worthwhile. Thank you so much for reading this, and if you have ever commented on my blog, please know that you have made me smile from ear to ear! Much love to you all. Good night.




3 comments on “Partayyy!!!

  1. patsieann
    February 4, 2013

    You look gorgeous and the Chocolate Sundae doesn’t look bad either xxxx

  2. penkethking
    February 4, 2013

    That’s one big Icecream headache too x

  3. sheila marsay
    February 4, 2013


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