As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

A Crying Shame.

Victimised. Hurt. Picked on. Annialated. Violated. Cruel. Evil. Pain. Insult. All words used when someone describes a time when they were bullied.

I have witnessed a fair few things today that have almost made me want to lose faith in humanity. I don’t want to see these things – when someone is deliberately hurting somebody else, whether it be physical or emotional, I genuinely feel upset and angry.

Have any of you ever watched a programme called Catfish? It is the follow up of a home-made documentary film that follows a man called Nev who falls in love with a woman he met online 2 years ago called Megan. They text and e-mail daily and send each other letters, but Nev starts to feel Megan may not be the person she claims to be. His 2 friends and him go to surprise her with a visit, and discover 23 year old model Megan to be a 45 year old married painter with 4 kids. The TV programme is about Nev recieving e-mails from people who have fallen in love with someone online but never met them, and he helps them meet them and discover the truth.

This programme normally finds the online friend to be different, i.e: morbidly obese instead of muscly, engaged, married, with kids. It is fantastic in opening your eyes to the dangers of talking to someone you’ve never met through technology. It is a very stranger-danger programme, and although it may hurt people to realise their online love isn’t who they thought they were, it helps them see the truth. It also can prove if someone is genuinely who they say they are, and help a couple finally meet and start a real relationship.

But the latest episode really affected me, to the point where I was so angry, I was shaking. A woman had been talking to a man called Mike online for 2 years, and had fallen in love. They both had a child each, and Mike told her how much he loved her and how he would love to be with her. She got in touch with Nev because she feared Mike might still be engaged to his ex-fiance, who was his baby’s mum. Nev arranged a meeting, and they set off. The woman had bought a new dress, had her hair done, spent hours on her make-up – she looked beautiful. She was so nervous and excited, going off to meet the man of her dreams. They arrived and after a long wait, Mike came downstairs.

Except Mike wasn’t who he said he was. In fact, Mike wasn’t even a he. A woman called Mhissy had invented Mike, purely to take her attention away from the woman’s exboyfriend so that Mhissy could have him to herself. Mhissy had strung this woman along for 2 years, and all because she wanted her ex. The woman cried in the car, cursing all names under the Sun.

The bit that really got me was while the woman cried uncontrollably, Mhissy showed no remorse whatsoever. She stood there laughing before walking away. When Nev went to see Mhissy the next day with only his cameraman, he asked her what the experience of stringing a person on for 2 years and hurting somebody so much that they cried in front of them had left her with. She simply replied, “A huge smile on my face”, smiling and laughing.

I cannot understand what would ever make a person want to purposefully hurt someone. Do people really feel pleasure to watch someone cry? Can you ever lust to inflict pain on someone? To make them hurt? To make them hate themselves? To make them run away and cry alone?

I know what it is like for people to hurt you like that. I’ve been victimised, and I’ve cried for hours alone in my room because of what people have said about me. So I feel very strongly about when others are being picked on. It’s hard to defend yourself against someone who is firing insults at you, and even harder when others join in or just watch.

If you take anything from this blog, then let it be this: If you are about to insult someone, think how you would feel if they said it to you. And before you join in when someone else is getting bullied, know that they are hurting, and need someone to help defend them. If someone isn’t even there to defend themselves, then you certainly should stick up for them. It is difficult to stand up for someone else, and you run the risk of them turning on you, but I promise you that if you defend someone, they will love you for it a hell of a lot more than the bully will if you join their side.

Well, my dear readers, I apologise for the depressing blog, but this matter hit me today and I felt I should inform the nation of my opinion. I doubt any of you people bully others, you beautiful people you! Much love to you all. Good night.



2 comments on “A Crying Shame.

  1. penkethking
    February 6, 2013

    It is very sad that there are bullies in the world and people who can’t stand up to them to protect themselves x well done for supporting your friends in their time of sadness x

  2. sheila marsay
    February 6, 2013

    well said PK you are very kind x

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