As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.


Last night, my entire year attended a Sixth Form Valentine’s Day Karaoke Disco. Oh dear is all I can say.

Karaoke is an evil invention created by the devil which allows idiotic people with absolutely no talent pretend they are stars entertaining a crowd. Last night’s karaoke was just as hilarious as usual. People singing their hearts out – some with talent, and some painfully tonedeaf. Everybody who sang got really into it, and I laughed so hard.

Of course, in the fun of it all, I was shocked when my name was announced and people pushed me to the front of the crowd.

In Year 8, my ginger friend found a recording of me singing ‘Its Raining Men’ when I was younger on karaoke on holiday. She showed my entire dorm, who found it hilarious. So I was more than a little wary attending a karaoke disco last night, and so I should have been.

I screamed and tried to run away, shouting out that I wouldn’t do it, but nobody would let me through, and then there I was, stood in front of a screen with the lyrics to ‘Its Raining Men’ on, microphone in hand.

I was embarrassed and mortified, but I knew I had to it. So I did. I screamed my way through that song. I sang awfully, but no one can deny my enthusiasm. I was glad for it to be over, but the video recording my friend did means it will never be forgotten. Brilliant.

Cider in hand, I sang and danced the rest of the night away. I resembled somebody having an epilectic fit, but I didn’t have a care in the world – it was so much fun. I hugged so many people – I was definitely feeling the love last night.

I’ll tell you that what I feel now is definitely not the high-on-life feeling I had last night. My throat is ruined. It feels like I’ve been eating knives in the night. But oh well, I can rest before my trip to London today!

Well, my dear readers, do you have a go on kararoke, or just cringe in the corner? Comment below! Much love to you all.



4 comments on “Karaokeee!

  1. sheila marsay
    February 10, 2013

    well done PK

  2. PoPPies1
    February 10, 2013

    oh dear cider and singing should never be in the same room especially if someone is recording it as evidence xxxx by the way i love your new playsuit xxx

  3. online free
    February 12, 2013


  4. every season
    February 13, 2013

    very nice

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