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Yay For Pancake Day!

Why is it that all Christian holidays involve food?! Christmas has candy canes and Christmas Cake. Easter is full of chocolate eggs and bunnies. And, of course, Shrove Tuesday gives you pancakes!

I actually love Pancake Day, even though I can’t actually make pancakes! Instead, I sat back and watched my friend toss them in the air and catch them back in the pan, before sliding one onto my plate.

The biggest dilemma when faced with a steaming hot pancake is what topping you should have. Today, I was fortunate enough to devour 3 pancakes, and thus had 3 different toppings! Yum!

First, I had toffee sauce with a little chocolate spread. If I had put some rice crispies in there, it would have tasted like a melted toffee crisp! It was so sweet I nearly died!

Mixing two toppings had seemed dangerous, so I went for a safe option of chocolate hazelnut spread. The classic chocolate pancake went down a treat, chocolate dripping out and onto the plate, mixing with the remaining toffee sauce droplets.

The last pancake had to be special – after all, it would be a whole year before I could enjoy them again! I trusted my ginger friend with this final choice of topping, and tried the mixture she had made in a mug on my pancake. Such a risk – a bold move to chance it on my final pancake of the year! I layered the paste on, my eyes widening at the strange sight of it. She had mixed lemon juice with sugar and cinnamon – how odd! I wrapped the pancake and took a huge bite… Delicious! It was actually the best pancake I’ve ever had! Next Pancake Day, I recommend you all try a pancake with that topping – the risk is totally worth it!

Well, my dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed many pancakes yourself tonight! What topping do YOU have on yours? Comment below! Happy Pancake Day! Much love to you all. Goodnight.


^I ate my pancakes so fast, I forgot to take a photo for the blog! However, this is after I enjoyed them! Sorry!


2 comments on “Yay For Pancake Day!

  1. sheila marsay
    February 13, 2013

    Raspberry jam .. yummy

  2. notthebtkid
    February 14, 2013

    You do know you can have pancakes whenever you want right?

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