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Happy Single Awareness Day! (Valentine’s Day) DELAYED POST

Apologies dear readers, I posted this last night and I fell asleep before I could check that the post had failed, but here it is now! Sorry for the delay.

Valentine’s Day. There are 2 possible definitions for this day. 1: The day where couples show the world how much they love each other through cheesy poems, romantic dates and extravagant presents. Or 2: The day where single people stay in their homes and cry themselves stupid as they eat all the food they can find on the couch alone.

The latter option applies to me. Oh the joy of being single on a day that celebrates love and relationships. It’s alternative name to me and my fellow singletons is Single Awareness Day. How appropiate it is that the initials of Single Awareness Day spell out SAD… Well that about sums up this day for me.

I glared at the happy couples sat around me, kissing and laughing like hyenas, and lyrics popped into my head. No, not the standard ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston, or ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt. I had ‘Gives You Hell’ by The All-American Rejects, ‘Thanks for the Memories’ by Fall Out Boy, and ‘Paint It Black’ by The Rolling Stones. Yes, these men don’t want damned relationships, and so I shall sing with them on this Anti-Valentine’s Day.

I did do a terrible thing today though. I was so caught up with the feeling of loneliness that I did the unspeakable: I got back with my ex. I returned to my old flame. I know, exes are exes for a reason, but I needed the comfort, the companionship. And so on Valentine’s Day, I reunited with my past love… Diet Coke.

I know, I know, I know I gave it up for Lent. And yes, I do realise Lent started a mere day ago, but you don’t understand. That connection forced us together. I couldn’t bear to be apart from him. I’m sure Jesus won’t be too disappointed that I couldn’t sacrifice my dear drink… If he is, then I doubt he has ever sampled the delights of Diet Coke. I’m sorry Jesus, I really am. I will try again next year, I promise.

So there I was, on the couch, in my Batman onesie, Diet Coke in one hand and Sky remote in the other. What to watch? My only rule was that it couldn’t have anything to do with love. Me and my friend chose ‘Dawn of the Dead’ in a moment of madness. Why, I have no idea. 20 minutes later, I was biting into a pillow from the other end of the room, unable to move in fear yet my eyes were stuck to the screen. My teacher saw the fear in my expression, and Googled the age rating. On discovering it to be an 18, she demanded it be turned off straight away, and we could only watch 12s because of Year 9s in the room. We protested, and pretended that we thought the film was Shaun of the Dead, which was a 12. I didn’t expect her to reply that it was a 15, and there was no point lying because.she had it at home. Plan failed.

We settled for Brother Bear 2. What an adorable film! I really do love Disney films, and I disagree that I should have outgrown them by now. Koda is the cutest bear cub in the world, and thanks to Disney, I feel less frightened of the grizzly bears. This may result in my face being ripped off as I try to hug the bear I believe to be Kenai, but oh well. I can dream of friendly bears, annoying fairies, faithful steeds, talking frogs and flying elephants, all thanks to Disney. Thankyou, Disney – I’m 16, and I still love the films produced by you. Again, thankyou!

So, my dear readers, what did YOU do for Valentine’s Day? Did you go out for a romantic date? Or did you sing along with Bridget Jones into a wine bottle? Comment below! Happy Valentine’s Day readers – will you be my Valentine and rescue me? Much love to you all. Good night.



One comment on “Happy Single Awareness Day! (Valentine’s Day) DELAYED POST

  1. penkethking
    February 15, 2013

    glad to see you have the breaking strain of a Kit-Kat but Jesus loves you anyway xxx and yes Diet Coke is ready in the fridge when you are xxx

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