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Child, Why Won’t You Sleep?!

Those first few years of a child’s life are so precious. They change so much. They grow, they learn to walk and talk, and throw food everywhere but still look completely adorable. I hate missing moments like this with my little baby niece, so whenever I’m home I try to visit her, just so she doesn’t forget her amazing Aunty Charlotte.

Of course, having a baby means that you can’t really go out for dinner or a movie any more because your child has to sleep. As it was Valentine’s Day on Thursday, my mother and I offered to babysit so my sister and her husband could go out to dinner. My niece is so well-behaved and adorable, and we know her routine so well, so it wouldn’t be any trouble. We bid a fond farewell to the happy couple and went inside for dinner.

Well, as soon as Mum is out the picture, I guess babies go crazy. Maisie (my niece) decided that food was to be worn, not eaten. Pasta was thrown everywhere and God only knows how chocolate pudding got on the back of her head. I can’t handle food everywhere – it makes me feel ill. I grimaced as Mother wiped Maisie’s face clean, and left the table to have a little play with her in front of the TV. Surely she’d be tired after that food fight?

Oh. My. God. Never, ever, EVER should you underestimate the hyperactivity level of a 17-month-old child. I sat on the couch and suddenly I was winded by a giggling child head butting me in the stomach. I lifted her in the air and whirled around, like a glamorous ballroom twirl. This was intended to be one twirl, but her little face smiling up at me and the excited giggle made me repeat it again. And again. And again and again… And again. 20 minutes later, I was dizzy, disorientated and needing a rest. I flopped onto the couch, but Maisie grabbed my hand and I was up again. This time I ran with her to the window where she laughed at her reflection, ran back and then to the window again. Another half an hour later, my arms were dead and my legs were knackered. I heard Mother calling for bath time, and was relieved for the rescue. Enough play time for today, I thought.

Why? Why am I always wrong? Was bath time ever this adventurous? How many toys does a child need? Bath Woody, Bath Buzz Lightyear, 4 waterproof books, frogs, ducks, slide, cups… So many toys! Woody was cleaned, Buzz flew through the air, books were read and Aunty Charlotte was soaked. Throwing a cup of water up my arm was a shock, but her mischievous little face just made me laugh, which was clearly an invitation to do it again and again.

Cuddles after bath time are the best. A soft bed, Friends on the TV, and a happy little child snuggled in your arms who has that amazing clean baby smell. Johnson Baby – please create an adult version of No More Tears, because I cannot get enough of that! I was so content and exhausted from play time that when Maisie lay in her cot, I was ready for bed myself.

Instead, I went and flopped on the couch downstairs. The Toy Story 3 start up menu was on the TV, the music playing in the background. I was literally so tired, I just sat on my butt and stared at that screen for a good 20 minutes. The music infuriated me so much at one point that I was close to actually getting up and looking for the remote. I stood up, but then another catchy bit came up, and I began to dance on my tippy toes in a little circle. I really am rather odd…

My ballerina daze was interrupted by a shout from my Mother from the top of the stairs. I went up and entered Maisie’s room, welcomed by a smiling and very awake baby. We tried hugging her, cuddling her, and finally put her in front of Toy Story 3 on the couch.

That child was giggling and chatting away and clapping and touching everything. Why?! Why are you not tired?! How are you so awake?! Go to sleep! How appropriate that the Friends episode we were watching earlier was the one where Rachel’s baby, Emma, won’t sleep! I felt just like Phoebe, and ended up repeating her line to my Mother – Nothing works on this child! It wasn’t that she was upset, she was just so happy and wanting to play!

As soon as my sister comes home, Maisie decides that it’s bed time. Yeah, NOW you sleep child! I literally cannot understand how somebody can be so full of excitement 24/7! It’s incredible! I love how bubbly Maisie is, and it’s impossible to get annoyed with her – she’s just too darn cute!

My sister is such a great Mum, and you can tell how much Maisie loves her. I love seeing my sister, and I always am excited at the prospect of staying with her. I leave tomorrow, and I know how hard it will be to go. It’s sad knowing that it’ll be another half term before I see her again. But it means every time I see her is special, and it’s just another reason to look forward to the holidays. I wouldn’t give up these moments for the world, and I look back on them with a smile when I get homesick. I treasure these days, and you always should, because children grow up so fast.

Well, my dear readers, do YOU enjoy babysitting? Do you get as exhausted as I do? Or am I just very unfit? Comment below! Much love to you all. Good night.



2 comments on “Child, Why Won’t You Sleep?!

  1. penkethking
    February 17, 2013

    What a fun night you and I had she is so precious x love you Aunty Charlottex x

  2. sheila marsay
    February 17, 2013

    sounds like Miss Maisie ran rings round both of you, she is fun x

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