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Every Girl Loves A Bad Boy…

In every film, book, TV show and play, there is always the protagonist and antagonist. In more simple terms, you always have to have a good guy and a bad guy. The one you love, the hero of the story, who you will on to defeat everything, the one to come triumphant in the end. And then there is the one who you are forced to hate, the bad guy, the evil person, the one you want to lose and the one you sneer at when he is defeated.

For some strange reason, I defy these rules of society. I fall in love with the supposed bad guy. I see the good in them. I look for the reason they are bad, and take pity. I have found this happen with me in nearly every film, book, programme or play I have watched lately, and I honestly don’t know why. Let me show you what I mean…

The Harry Potter Series – Severus Snape.
Yes, I know that Voldemort is the main bad guy, but Snape is another character we are taught to despise. He was awful to Harry from the moment he arrived, relishing the moments he gets to punish him for the smallest thing. He favours the Slytherin boys, the house of bullies, particularly Draco Malfoy, Harry’s childhood enemy. But there is a reason behind Snape’s bitterness. You know what they say – a bully is usually one who was bullied himself. Snape was the geeky child at school, bullied by a group of boys, their leader being James Potter, Harry’s dad. James dated Lily, Harry’s mum, who Snape was madly in love with. Snape may have grown up to be Voldemort’s right hand man, but his love for Lily forced him to feel the need to protect Harry, Voldemort’s sworn enemy. He displayed hatred towards Harry, in fear of Voldemort, but secretly cared for him deeply. When Professor Quirrell tried to knock Harry off his broom in Quidditch in Harry’s first year, Snape secretly muttered a counter curse to save Harry. His love is shown as he dies, gazes up at Harry, and utters the words ‘You have your mother’s eyes.’ The last thing he saw before he died were the eyes of the woman he loved, the woman he could never have, the woman stolen by his bully, the woman whose son he was forced to despise. He has to now leave behind the one thing that he had left of Lily – Harry Potter, the boy he lived. Oh Snape, I feel your pain! He suffered from bullies, unrequited love, and protected a boy which led to his death. How can you not love Severus? His love for Lily is so very beautiful, and had there been a prelude to the Harry Potter series, then Snape would have been the one you were cheering on, he would have won Lily’s heart, and James would have been the bully you hated. But there was no prelude, and Snape died. Had he not been there, Harry would have died sooner, though no one recognises that fact… Snape, you are the real hero!

Les Miserables – Javert.
You have read before of my love for Russell Crowe as Javert, and know that I loved his acting in the recent film. It was not just his acting though – Javert is the character I fell in love with in this magnificent musical. The sworn enemy of Jean Valjean. Protector of the law, slavery and all things wrong in this story. A man of no pity or forgiveness for convicts, particularly Jean Valjean, even refusing to use his name, and calling him by his number, 24601. Jean Valjean is shown to be the devoted Christian, and people disagree that Javert is a Christian also. But I completely understand Javert, and why he does what he does. He felt the law was to be respected as much as The Ten Commandments. He thought that by abiding by the law, he was doing as God wished. God has rules to live by, and Javert took this to mean live by the law. He sought justice by punishing those who break the law, viewing them as evil and scum of the Earth. It wasn’t that he enjoyed their pain – nowhere near. He simply thought that they were men of the devil. This view is clearly shown in ‘Stars’ when he sings that ‘And if you fall as Lucifer fell, you’ll fall in flames’. He thinks he is proving his love for God by casting out the evil acts in the world. If he was truly the evil man he is supposed to be, then he wouldn’t soften at the end. One simple act that he does proved to me that Javert meant no real harm – he places his medal on Gavroche’s chest as he laid dead in the street. His whole life was about defending the law, yet he gives up the prize for his duty when he sees a child killed because of him. Committing suicide clearly shows how guilty he felt for what he has caused. He finally gives up, ending his life in the most painful way, showing how he felt he was no longer worthy in the eyes of God. I wonder, if Javert was real, if he would go to Heaven. I imagine he would. Yes, he killed and hurt many people. Yes, he was brutal. But his reasoning was all based on his love for God. Sometimes, people misinterpret things, and disasters occur. The fact he thought he was doing the right Christian thing proves to me he is a good man. His death was the one that made me sob the most. Javert, I love you.

The Woman In Black – The Woman.
You may be completely lost at why I felt sorry for the woman in The Woman In Black. She haunted her own house, killing the child of anyone who saw her. She made people live in fear. She scared people literally to death. But why does she do that? Her own son was taken from her, stolen by her sister. She barely saw him, and when she did, it was for a limited time. Then one fateful afternoon, the cart sunk in the marsh, killing her son and sister. She watched from the window as her child drowned in the mud. Your child taken from you is enough to drive any woman mad, but to watch him die and know that he wouldn’t have had he been with her, well, what can you expect? She wanted others to feel the pain that she had. That agony in her heart, she had to share it. That is her only way of coping with the death of her child. I cannot imagine the pain she endured, and that is why I feel so terribly sorry for her. Poor woman.

Most villains are men, and are portrayed as despicable and dangerous. Something about the danger surrounding the men makes me interested, wanting to discover the good in them. Once I find that thing that makes them actually good men, I officially love them more than any other character. Bad guys have so much more depth to their character – there has to be a reason for their evil acts. Good guys can just be born saintly, perfect from birth. This is probably why many bad boys in real life have girlfriends… All women like the idea of changing a man from despicable to desirable. You can see this in so many examples: from the teenage thrill Twilight, to Dicken’s classic Oliver, or the risqué 50 Shades of Grey. We do love a challenge, eh?

Well, my dear readers, are you a supporter of the good, or lover of the bad? Comment below! Much love to you all. Good night.



One comment on “Every Girl Loves A Bad Boy…

  1. patsieann
    February 19, 2013

    Hi Lottie,
    Good guys might be born saintly but bad guys can definitely be born evil without any redeeming features at all. Can understand your youthful optimism but please steer clear of the bad guys.

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