As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

St Pancras Shenanigans

APOLOGIES – The Internet at school was down last night, so I have had to wait until now to post the blog I spent ages writing last night! This will now be tonight’s blog, as nothing really exciting happened today anyway! I hope you find it worth the wait…

I travelled the long and boring journey back to school today yet again, with much sadness in my heart. Half term had flown by, and now I must return from the land of family and freedom, back to the arduous task of working for good A Level grades in the summer. I waved out the window as my mother slowly faded into the distance, my eyes blurring with tears. I blinked them away furiously, trying not to look like a blubbing mess as I stood by the door with various members of the public.

A young pair stood near me – one man and one woman, in their 20s. I thought of them as best friends, for they were close, but there seemed to be no romantic attraction between the two of them. Overhearing their conversation with the ticket collector, I discovered that, through the online train updates, they had discovered they only had 2 minutes to get from the platform we were to arrive at, Platform 7, to Platform 15. I felt sorry for them. Hearing them say that they were going to St Pancras, my heart leaped into my mouth as I realised I would be joining them on their 2 minute dash. I looked down at my gigantic, heavy suitcase and gulped. How was I meant to take that down the stairs, run to the other end of the station, up another set of stairs, and then onto the train IN 2 MINUTES?! I sent my mother frightened texts, panicking inwardly.

The train pulled in and I threw my case off, following the pair down the stairs. They began to practically jump the steps, as I struggled with my case. DID I PACK THE WHOLE HOUSE INTO THIS CASE?! Reaching the bottom, I literally ran after the pair, realising that other people were also running with me, all desperate for that damn train. My superhuman muscles launched the case up the next flight of stairs and I ran for the open train door. I was so shocked that I’d actually made the train! 2 minutes is nothing for me! I felt like punching the air, hugging the pair who had led me there and joyously dancing with them. Instead, I smiled to myself like a smug fool and tried to catch my breath. I then began to hunt for my seat, which was number 8 in Carriage D. In my rush, I’d jumped straight into Carriage F. Brilliant. Pushing my way past people and apologising profusely, I finally fell into my seat in an exhausted heap.

Arriving at Paddington, I searched the London Underground to catch the Hammersmith and City Line. I didn’t have to wait long, and soon I was stepping out at the Kings Cross St Pancras stop. Where I got lost.

Discovering myself to be in Kings Cross, I followed the signs down to St Pancras. My confidence shined through as I strode through past the many shops and the champagne bar. And then I came to the EuroStar. That’s where everything started to go wrong. Had I walked too far? I turned around and walked back, but came to the underground. I walked forward again, and came to the EuroStar yet again! Scared and frustrated, I rang up my mother, who tried desperately to calm down her confused teenage daughter who was freaking out at the end of the phone. I ended the call, fearing an argument. I walked forward, past the EuroStar, and found a hidden corner, where Pret A Manger was stood – the place I was coincidentally meeting my ginger friend. I had made it, and without crying too! Bonus points for that.

Sitting at our table, we turned to find a huge pigeon pottering about behind us. A pigeon? Inside St Pancras? In a cafe? How peculiar! Confused yet delighted, we leant over our chairs and talked to our new acquaintance, whose instinctive reaction was to fly straight for our heads, making us scream loudly and duck, clutching our heads. We burst out laughing, and then noticed the entire cafe staring at us. Oops.

My ginger friend has a slight obsession with Frij’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshakes. Naturally, she wanted one for our last train back to school. Pret A Manger didn’t have them, Boots didn’t have them, and WHSmith didn’t have them. We were about to try M&S when I suddenly realised the time – 14:41. Our train was to leave at 14:42! We ran for the escalators. I lifted my suitcase on, and turned to watch my ginger friend try to get onto the escalator that was going downwards. After much shouting and laughing, she finally got on the right one, but when we reached the top, the train was nowhere to be seen. We ran to a worker, who informed us it had left a little early. I began to freak out for the third time today, until he explained that another one to the same place was coming at 15:12. Thank God.

With another half an hour to kill, we skipped the escalators and got into the lift instead. Reaching the bottom, we travelled to M&S, where bedlam ensued as we tried to leave after discovering no milkshakes. Children and OAPs blocked our exit, and the suitcases made our escape even harder. 10 minutes of pushing, shoving, breathing in and ‘excuse me’s later, we fell outside, free from M&S hell. Phew.

Journeying back towards our platform 10 minutes early so we didn’t miss the 15:12 train, we noticed something that we had completely missed before. A piano. A simple wooden piano just sat in St Pancras, for travellers to have a play at before getting on their train. How wonderful! A woman was just ending her performance of ‘1000 Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton as we arrived. I jumped onto the piano stool after she left, and hit a few keys excitedly. I played a tiny snippet of a melody that I had learnt from Love Never Dies. I have never been gifted at playing the piano, despite my awkwardly long fingers. But it’s always fun to pretend. We heard people chattering behind us, approaching the piano, so we ran away to our platform, where we boarded our train and frantically searched for a free table. Content with our findings, we travelled back to school. What a long day…

Well, my dear readers, have you ever missed a train, or do you normally catch it in the nick of time? Comment below! Much love to you all. Goodnight.



One comment on “St Pancras Shenanigans

  1. penkethking
    February 26, 2013

    Wow what a journey x love the picture of you playing the piano wish I could hear it x miss you x

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