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6th Form Dress Up Day 2013!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, was the Annual 6th Form Dress Up Day for Comic Relief. This has been a tradition in my school for longer than I have even been going here, and I actually love it. I’ve been laughing at the 6th Formers’ outfits ever since Year 7, and now, finally, after 5 years of waiting, I got to take part.

Let’s rewind to last Thursday. Everybody’s costumes had begun to arrive, and everyone was getting all excited, adding final touches to their costumes. Except for me and my friend, Paige. While others were busy making accessories, we were still searching the Internet for costume ideas. As I said, this day had been going on for years, so all the classic costumes had already been done. We wanted originality.

That Thursday night was the night we finally ordered our costumes, with 8 days to go until the big day. After hours searching the Internet and racking our brains, we came to a decision. And what an amazing decision it was. The duo that Paige and I decided to dress up as for the 2013 6th Form Dress Up Day was…

*Drumroll please*…


Now, I already know that many of you are grimacing at this news. Jedward aren’t to everybody’s taste. Some may even say they are an irritating pair of Irish idiots. I disagree. From the moment they stepped onto the X Factor stage, my heart went out to them. If you read a previous blog of mine, you will find many other reasons as to why I love them, thus resulting in my choice to go as John Grimes for dress up day, with Paige as my twin, Edward Grimes.

Jedward wear some pretty amazing outfits, but we wanted costumes that we would be able to wear again. I knew straight away what outfit would be perfect. Showing Paige the ‘Bad Behaviour’ music video, I paused it at the garden scene, where Jedward are wearing matching blue onesies with a red J on John’s chest, a red E on Edward’s chest, and 1 red J plus 1 red E on both of their butts.

Searching through Amazon, we couldn’t find identical blue onesies with both our sizes, as Paige is a skinny little thing, and I’m, well… Not. We didn’t let this defeat us, and instead bought identical red onesies and blue letters, reversing their outfit, thus making it our own! How genius! We bought a wig each, and that was it!

The letters arrived on Monday, but created a small disaster. In our excitement, we didn’t check the sizes. We needed them to cover the entire left side of our chests, but these letters were about the length of my thumb! Disheartened, we decided to make our own letters. Easy, right?

Wrong. Oh, so very wrong. We had to make templates, then cut out 6 blue letters each, pin them, sew them, cut out 6 white letters each, pin them, sew them, and then sew the blue letters onto their white double, before sewing them onto our onesies. We were nowhere near done when our onesies arrived on Tuesday.

As a result of us underestimating the amount of work we had to put in, we didn’t finish the sewing until half past midnight last night, despite dress up day being today! Before retiring to our beds, we began to think of how we could do our hair, as our wigs hadn’t arrived in time. We printed off masks of Jedward’s faces, and found hairspray, hair gel and thousands of kirby grips for the morning, and promptly fell into bed.

We woke up early this morning – half past 6, in fact, eager to get started! It took us a whole 40 minutes to get our hair finished. Paige managed to secure hers with plenty of grips and a can of hairspray, while I used the same but with addition of hair gel to make my tiny fringe stick up high. With only 15 minutes to spare, we ran to our rooms and put on the precious onesies. Topping them off with high-tops stolen from 2 of our guy friends and the printout masks, we looked incredible.

‘Bad Behaviour’ blaring out of Paige’s phone, we entered the dining hall. We got the same breakfast and went to sit down. We were met with a chorus of laughter and a thousand pairs of eyes locked onto us. I felt as if I was literally part of Jedward.

The best part of breakfast on Dress Up Day is you get to see what everybody else has dressed as, as they enter one by one. There were superheroes, fairies, Lost Boys, jellyfish, Naruto characters, pilots from Top Gun, loads of Sacha Baron Cohen characters, The Joker, Thing 1 and Thing 2, a Corpse Bride, Holly from Geordie Shore, a Gingerbread Man and many more. It was hilarious.

Chapel took an interesting turn when the 6th Form were invited to parade down the centre aisle so the rest of the school could see us all. Striding along, Jedward got a massive cheer, naturally. It was almost like we were actually them – it was awesome.

Obviously, no work was actually going to go on while we were all dressed like this. I can only imagine what we looked like to my teachers – a freak show, I’m sure! Lessons were attempted, but all in all, work was pretty relaxed. It’s one day of fun, so the teachers didn’t really mind.

Running around school, I managed to get loads of photos with the amazing things that people had transformed into. Unable to pick a favourite photo, I have included a selection of the ones that I think are best at the end of this post. I hope you like them! Today was indeed JEPIC!

Well, my dear readers, what would YOU have dressed up as? Comment below! Much love to you all. Goodnight.








One comment on “6th Form Dress Up Day 2013!

  1. penkethking
    March 9, 2013

    You all look amazing and what fun you all must of had x well done on your fantastic outfits x

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