As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

The Boredom Blaster – A Guide To Amusing Yourself Easily.

Some days you are so bored that absolutely nothing will entertain you. It’s probably because you realise you have nothing to do, and when someone suggests something, you’re already thinking negatively and the suggestion is automatically dismissed and deemed not good enough to satisfy your boredom. Then you get more bored. You dig yourself into a giant tunnel of boredom, and suddenly everything looks negative. I dislike being bored and negative about my life… No, that’s not strong enough – I hate boredom and negativity. Thus, I have come up with an easy solution, which can save everyone from their spiral of negativity! What is this ingenious plan, oh wise and wonderful blogger, I hear you ask. Well, it’s very simple – Be that person who is amused easily.

I know this sounds ridiculous. People assume that those who are amused easily are either young children or people who lack the intelligence and knowledge of what higher pleasures are like, such as trips to the theatre. John Stuart Mill would agree with you on that one, claiming that higher pleasures, like the theatre, are a lot better than lower pleasures, such as eating chocolate. But although these higher pleasures are very enjoyable, you can experience lower pleasures a lot more frequently than you can experience higher pleasures. So, if you completely stop yourself from enjoying lower pleasures, you’re going to find yourself very bored a lot of the time.

This is where I come to the rescue. I fly in, whip off my superhero mask and solve this pressing issue of boredom in a flash. There is no way that normal people can limit themselves to only enjoying higher pleasures. Sure, if you’re rich, then maybe you could, but it would take away how special those higher pleasures are if you had them all the time. So, my theory is, while we can still enjoy the higher pleasures immensely when we can experience them, we must learn to enjoy the lower pleasures as well to prevent ourselves from total boredom. You can’t go to the theatre every day at the drop of a hat, and so we should learn to entertain ourselves with little things that are easy to do at any time to prevent boredom. Let us call this theory: The Boredom Blaster!

Here are some examples of things you can do to save yourself from dying of boredom when the theatre is out of the question:

~ Take photos of yourself making silly faces!
~ Bounce a ball against a wall and essentially play catch with yourself!
~ Place skittles/smarties into the order of the colours of the rainbow!
~ Sing along to songs full blast whilst pretending you’re making a music video!
~ Place copper coins onto a lightbulb and watch them change colour!
~ Put on all your clothes at once!
~ Learn how to do The Cup Song!
~ Build a fort out of blankets and cushions!
~ Hide in places and jump out on people!
~ Make a leaning tower of things! Eg: pots, books, boxes etc.
~ Put a pair of socks on, find a slippery floor and see how fast and far you can slide along the floor!
~ Find random people, hold your hand above their head and release a fistful of glitter over them with a deadpan expression on your face!

I’m sure there are many more things you can do, but these are just a few in case you are reading this and can’t think of what to do when you finish reading this! Tonight, I bounced my new ball (from Poundland – woo!) against my wall for about half an hour. I also sang ‘After Ever After – Disney Parody’ by Jon Cozart (a.k.a PAINT) as well as many other songs on my iPod and pretended I was in my own music video for them. At the end of this post, you will see one of the many silly photos I have taken tonight to save myself from boredom. And you know what, beautiful people of the Internet? I’m incredibly happy and entertained! My arms ache from throwing the ball, I’m out of breath from my energetic dancing-whilst-singing-for-an-imaginary-music-video, and I’ve had a right giggle at the multiple weird faces I can pull!

Thanks to me being one who is easily amused, I don’t have to sit staring into space blankly for hours of free time until the next theatre trip. No, I know exactly how to make my own fun, and therefore I shall never stay bored for long! These ideas may sound ridiculous to you, but next time you’re desperately bored, try them out! What have you got to lose?

Well, my dear readers, what do you do to escape the clutches of boredom? Comment below! Speaking of comments, I’d just like to thank all of you who have ever commented on my blog posts. Your comments are the reason I continue to post – they make me smile so much and I stay in a good mood for the rest of the day. Thankyou all so much for taking the time to comment – it means so much to me! Much love to you all. Goodnight.



4 comments on “The Boredom Blaster – A Guide To Amusing Yourself Easily.

  1. penkethking
    March 21, 2013

    Bless you Charlotte x when I am bored which is hardly ever now a days as I have so much to do and no time to do any of it, I love to sit and people watch in a public place and try and imagine who they are and what their lives consist of. I then pretend mine is much more exciting which inspires me to go and do something different just to break the boredom x

  2. patsieann
    March 21, 2013

    Lots of fun ideas there Charlotte and they are all FREE ! If I am in the doldrums I flick through my recipes and cook something indulgent I haven’t cooked before….not good for the wasteline but good for the inner self xxxxx

  3. sheila marsay
    March 21, 2013

    Have Fun PK you have a great imagination. you could become an author xx

  4. Danii
    March 31, 2013

    P-K, your blog is extremely inspirational seriously, i was just browsing through word press and your blog popped up, i started to read it and became more intreeged, sorry about my spelling,.then i realised it was you in your pictures, ill keep reading these, they are as i said inspiring, you actually made me have a different take on life, thank you,

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