As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

Celebrity Cafe? I Wish…

As I left the cafe after my fourth day working there on the trot, I must admit I felt rather low, despite nothing bad happening at work. No nagging OAPs complained about their tea not being filled to the top of the mug. No people ordered and then completely changed their order, sending me into a frenzy. No machines broke down on me. No tickets were lost. No pens ran out of ink. No co-workers shouted at me or shoved me out of the way. Everything was absolutely fine. A good day at work. But not a perfect day.

You must be thinking that I sound terrible. I had a day in the cafe, full of smiles and working machinery, and I earned a good amount of money. What is there to complain about? I’ll tell you why I left that cafe feeling disheartened. I’ll tell you what was missing from my day that would have made it incredible.

Katie Price.

As many of you celebrity stalkers out there will know, Katie Price recently got married on Friday 29th March in a beautiful hotel in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Many celebrity guests were supposedly attending, including the wonderful Rylan Clark, whom I dedicated a blog post to a while ago on the day he won Celebrity Big Brother.
Well, the cafe I work in is on the Weston-Super-Mare seafront.

While I was working in the busy cafe, I heard the rumours that Rylan was actually on the Pier, enjoying Good Friday with an ice cream. I began to dream about what I’d do if Rylan walked through the door to the cafe right that minute, or even Katie herself!

As I leant against the counter, I became aware of the usual gaggle of voices slowly rising in volume. Before long, I could hear genuine shouts and screams. I peered out into the actual cafe, but there were only 2 families and a couple sat drinking hot chocolate peacefully. Confused, I glanced out of the ice cream window, and was astonished to be met by the sight of a swarm of people, all moving in a giant mass, like a herd of sheep, loudly exclaiming and jumping up and down and pointing. I called to a co worker to help attend at the ice cream counter, but when she rushed over, we discovered no one actually wanted serving. They barely noticed our calls of ‘Can I help anyone?’ as they were so distracted by something further south of the counter, out of eyesight from us. Baffled, I returned to the inner counter f the cafe. The door bell to signal a customer entering the cafe, letting in the screams of the crowd outside even more, hurting my ears. I fixed my best friendly smile on, swung around and my jaw promptly dropped open. For there she was. Katie. Bloody. Price.

She stood aside from the door as her bodyguard stepped outside to stop the screaming fans from outside entering. Katie took off her matching faux fur white hat and gloves, laid them on a nearby table and rubbed her hands together, exclaiming at the cold to her friend who stood next to her. She peered up at the sign above her head, discussing with her friend about what to order. Eventually, she stepped forward to directly in front of the counter, placed her left hand on the surface and smiled her gorgeous white teeth at me, waiting for me to ask her what she’d like to order as I do with every customer that enters the cafe.

But she isn’t every customer. She’s Katie Price. Model. Author. High-powered business woman. Mother of 3 beautiful children. The lady whose every move I have followed for the past 6 years of my life, whether by Internet, magazine articles or her own TV programme.

Needles to say, I was a gibbering wreck. My mouth was still hanging open and my eyes were falling out of their sockets. I stuttered out the usual question, “H-h-hi, w-what c-can I-I-I g-get you?”. Katie’s smile was fixed on her face, although it was no longer warm and welcoming, but more concerned and a little scared of what absolute fool was attempting to serve her. She probably thought I’d been drinking washing up liquid all morning. “Cafe Latte with extra milk, please.” she said, flashing yet another winning smile at me. I fumbled for a mug and pressed the wrong button on the coffee machine, which I then had to cancel and start again in a messy hurry. My heart pounded as I stared at the frothy liquid pouring into the cup, still glancing up at her occasionally to check she was still there. I had to stop acting like such an idiot – what must she think of me?! I pulled myself together, place the mug onto a coaster, punched in the price and confidently said, “That’ll be £1.80 then, please.” Katie looked surprised to find that I could actually string a sentence together AND add up, and she dug around in her Gucci clutch for spare change. Handing me the money, her hand momentarily brushed against mine and I had the opportunity to gawp at the rock on her finger. Recovering from the sight, I put the money into the till and handed her the latte. “Thanks” she said, flashing her pearly whites up at me once again. I blushed bright red and smiled back shyly as she walked to her seat, listening with awe at the sound of her Louis Vuitton high heels clicking across the cafe floor.

I watched her as she sat drinking, pretending to refill the crisps just so I could walk past her repeatedly, breathing in the perfume she wore. My heart almost broke as she walked past me to leave the cafe. Just before she reached the door, she paused and turned around to walk back to me. I stood up straight and flattened down my apron, plastering a huge smile across my face. She reached my, grabbed my hand and said, “That was the best cafe latte I’ve ever had. This cafe needs to move near me! It’s so quaint and adorable… I love it! Thankyou!” And then she hugged me. KATIE PRICE HUGGED ME! Me, a student and worker of a cafe. SHE HUGGED ME! I never wanted her to let go. Sadly, she did, but then she uttered the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever heard as she handed me a small piece of white card. “There’s my number and address. If you’re ever down near my way, pop in for a latte. You can judge whose is better!” With that, she turned and walked back to the open door, into the crowds of screaming fans and away into the distance. I stood in shock for a good 10 minutes, trying to process what had just happened. Katie Price just drank coffee in the cafe I work in, hugged me and invited me around for coffee. Unbelievable!

A sudden jolt from my co worker at my side who was trying to reach the plastic cups above my head awoke me from my daydream. I stared at her in shock, and then out the ice cream window. No baying crowds of fans. I looked into the cafe. No mug on the table where Katie had supposedly sat. In dismay, I threw my hand into my pockets. No card with her address and number on. Nothing. It had all been a daydream. I felt like crying as I trudged home that night.

Saturday I was back at work, hopeful that maybe my daydream had been a glimpse of the future and it might happen today. I stayed near the counter all day, jumping every time I heard the door bell go, but to no such luck. Sunday, I did the exact same thing. No Katie that day either. Monday was my last day at work before I go on holiday. I stared at the door all day today, praying to God just for a glimpse of the glorious woman. But no. No Katie Price sighting for me. As I left at 12:15, I felt so sad I could cry. I’d been working the whole time she was due in Weston-Super-Mare, and yet I hadn’t seen her or any of her guests at all. Not even Rylan, who’d been on the damn Pier!

Why? Our cafe is brilliant! Our bacon sandwiches are crispy and hot and fresh. Our donuts are amazing. Our coffees are to die for. Our ice cream helpings are generous. Our prices are fair. Our workers are friendly. Our service is fast. Why wouldn’t a celebrity want to come in for a spot of lunch and a drink? Why wouldn’t Katie Price come in and hug me for such an amazing latte? Why wouldn’t Rylan come in and cry over our wonderful All Day Breakfasts? Oh, drop me out!

Can you see now why my spirits were low as I left the cafe today, ladies and gentlemen? I got up at 7 today for work – 7! And not one celebrity sighting! It does pain me so… One day, I will meet a celebrity. One day, they will hug me for my excellent coffee. They may not be Katie Price, but they shall be famous, and they shall visit our little cafe by the sea. Mark my words, readers, mark my words…

Well, my dear readers, what would you do if a celebrity suddenly walked into your work? Stay cool and collected? Or freak out like me? Comment below! Much love to you all. Goodnight.



3 comments on “Celebrity Cafe? I Wish…

  1. penkethking
    April 2, 2013

    Oh darling one day you will meet someone famous but even more exciting is you will become that famous young lady yourself one day and have people following your every step x I once met a famous person naked in his bedroom as he stepped out of the shower , I was working at a lovely hotel in Salcombe as a chambermaid as a teenager it was the highlight if my summer that year x

  2. John Pines
    April 2, 2013

    I have met several ‘celebrities’ over the years and have found that they just like to be treated like ‘normal people’. Sometimes I have spotted one, but leave them alone – would you want to be pestered every 30 seconds by someone wanting an autograph or a photo whilst you wait to catch the train?

  3. Cambridge movers
    April 20, 2013

    Hey very nice blog!

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