As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

How Many Comebacks Is This Blogger Going To Have…

Hello, dear readers. If they are any of you left, I have a huge amount of love and respect for the commitment you have shown me during my numerous absences.

In the summer, after my big comeback after my AS Level exams, it appeared that I was back for good, to dazzle your screens with more bizarre thoughts on everyday shenanigans. But, I let you down. I lied. I promised you posts, and I gave you nothing. I allowed work and mere activities to get in between me and my blog, and for that, I am sorry.

How many times will this happen, I hear you ask. How many times will you be left in the dark as day after day I fail to produce another post? I know, my dear readers, I have been a negligent mother to this baby blog, but I am back, and I intend to help it grow into a beautiful yet awkward young adult blog, known across the world for it’s wonderfully weird ideas. Yes, my little blog, I’m home.

So, what’s happened since I deserted you those many months ago?

Well, quite a lot, to be perfectly honest. As you know, I have a job as a waitress at a seaside cafe, which basically took up every day of my summer holidays and left me with no time to blog or even see my friends… The things we do for money, eh? Then, after a not-so-restful summer holiday, I returned to school.

Naturally, I was terrified of returning to school this year. I got a rather nasty shock when my AS Level results came out in the summer, as I’m sure many people did, where I basically realised that I’m not quite as smart as I thought I was. In fact, the results almost came across as if I hadn’t attended the school for half of the academic year. I was downhearted, to say the least. I basically cried the entire day, screaming that my life was over. My wonderful sister bought me a classic large gingerbread latte from Costa Coffee and held me as tears streamed continuously down my cheeks, creating a valley of self-pity pouring into my coffee. When I had no more tears left to cry and I’d remembered how to breathe like a normal person again, I began to search through what the hell had gone wrong. As my sister pointed out, at least I have another year left at this school in which I can sort my life out and turn these appalling grades around. I suppose what I’m trying to say with this little anecdote here, my dear readers, is that you shouldn’t give up. I know how scary it is and how your life feels over in that moment, but there is always some way to turn it around, as long as you’re determined to do it.

School is a little different this year. Ok, it’s a lot different. I’m in a new house, one of purely upper sixth formers. That means I live with boys. Yeah. BOYS. I live WITH BOYS. I was not looking forward to that. I expected mess everywhere, smelly kitchens with dirty plates falling out of the sink, constant sport on the TV, and a huge gender divide, with occasional wars between each gender. Actually, it’s not that bad. After 5 weeks, I think I’m pretty used to it. It’s quite refreshing to go from living with only 4 other girls in your year and loads of younger girls, to a house full of 17-18 year olds. I mean, obviously I miss my old house, but so far, I like Centenary House. It’s not that bad. And my room is now HUGE! I actually have my own bathroom! No more walking a mile through freezing corridors to showers and toilets that are probably already occupied. I have it all RIGHT THERE! Now that alone makes this new house totally worth it.

Right, I must fly now, my dear readers, as I have to finish off my History coursework. Boring, yes, but it must be done, or my university prospects will literally fly out of the window and never return. I will blog again soon, I promise! Goodbye, my dear readers. Much love.



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