As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

UCAS Stress!

I remember starting at this school in Year 7, and lying in bed on that first night thinking that now I know exactly where I will be and what I will be doing for the next 7 years. No more worries. No more stress over starting at a new school ever again. Easy. 7 years seems like forever.

Except, it isn’t forever. Somehow, 6 and a half years have flown by, and now I’m faced with the prospect of where to go next. I had not anticipated how quickly time would pass, and suddenly I’m facing my computer screen, applying to universities. How terrifying.

And it’s not like this process of applying to UCAS is quick and easy. No way. It’s taken me a whole 2 months to do it, with tons of research in books and league tables and creating graphs… I feel like I’ve done another A Level! Today, I finally sent my application off, and I am so glad that stressful part is over. To celebrate, I thought I’d tell you all my time-consuming journey of panic through UCAS over this half term. Enjoy!

One of the toughest things about applying is choosing which universities you want to apply to. When I searched my course, UCAS came up with 72 different providers for my degree. 72! And you’re meant to choose 5 from that! Obviously, every university is going to tell you that their degree is better than any other one, so it makes it extremely difficult to choose the right one for you. I knew my first choice was obviously Bournemouth, after being completely blown away at the Open Day I attended that I blogged about earlier this year. But how do you choose 4 out of 71? After much deliberation and several comparison tables of universities, I entered my top 5 into UCAS: Bournemouth, University of the West of England Bristol, Edinburgh Napier, Brighton, and London South Bank. I hope I chose right, and after 17 choice changes, I think I have. Thank God for that!

Another thing that was incredibly hard was writing a personal statement. 4,000 characters of you bigging yourself up and acting like you are better choice than thousands of other applicants. No. Just no. Thankfully, 2 drafts and I was done, but piling together all of your achievements into that tiny word count to impress everyone? THAT IS JUST SO DAMN CRUEL! I sneakily attached a link to this blog in case anybody was curious as to what my writing was like, so if anybody is reading this from one of my choices… Hi.

So, after eating most of my chocolate, pouring through university prospectuses, and slamming my laptop shut in frustration multiple times, I finally finished and sent it off. My future is no longer in my hands. All there is to do now is wait. Until I wrote this, I didn’t realise how terrifying that is! Ahhhh! Oh well, can’t do anything but cross my fingers and hope for some offers! Please please please…

Well, my dear readers, have any of you been applying to university in this hectic period? Comment below! Much love to you all. Goodnight!



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