As you read this blog, I must warn that you will find, honest thoughts, ambitions, and hopes from my mind.

Jack and the Beanstalk Christmas Pantomime.

Every year, my boarding house, Wolfe, go to watch the Marlowe Theatre’s Christmas Pantomime in Canterbury. Today, we went to see EastEnders’ Ronnie Mitchell and CBeebies’ Mister Maker in ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’!

Now, I don’t want this blog to just be an account of what was yet another hilarious performance at the Marlowe – reviewing theatre shows aren’t that fun for me. Instead, I’d like to just pay homage to the Marlowe pantomime classic prop: The Ghost Gag Bench.

Since before we Wolfians had ever graced the theatre, the Marlowe has had one classic sketch that they have repeated in every Christmas pantomime since it began. It involves the Dame, the funny narrating sidekick, and the character who is just ‘there’ all the time, sitting on a simple wooden bench singing Ghostbusters as one by one they are taken by the ghosts who creep onto stage. Except Dame. Dame’s ‘beauty’ appears too much for the ghosts who run away screaming. Well. After going for 7 YEARS IN A ROW, my friends and I all know the dance, the song, and the reactions – the whole shebang. Hell, we know it more than the actors do! (Apart from the Dame, who has been there FOREVER…). And this year was no exception. Shouting at the top of our lungs and dancing like our lives depended on it, we finally collapsed back into our seats after a final year of hilarity. Perfect pantomime fun!

Doing the routine for the last time as a member of Wolfe, resulting in banged elbows and destroyed voices, made me laugh until I cried, but also realise that my time at this school is finally coming to an end. I made sure I enjoyed this trip to its full, as I intend to treat every school event in this final year, as I’m sure everyone else is. How sad…

Well, my dear readers, what’s your favourite thing about the pantomime? Comment below! Much love to you all. Goodnight.




One comment on “Jack and the Beanstalk Christmas Pantomime.

  1. PoPPies1
    December 7, 2013

    Glad you had fun it was quite a pantomime in Bristol today watching all these mad Bristolians fight for the best dress and oh my the women buying them must surely not own a full length mirror or daughters like you who are far too honest for your own safety lol xxx

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