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Keeping the Christmas Magic Alive…

Typing this on my brand new Hudl tablet, its hard to believe its been a whole year since my last blog post. With the lack of accessibility to my website reducing me to squinting at my phone screen in order to blog, topped with the stress of A Levels and the sadness at saying goodbye to my friends that had become my family over the past 7 years, this year has certainly been tough as well as enjoyable, and a spare moment to write a blog post never seemed to arrive. Whilst I have missed the freedom of channelling my thoughts and feelings through the internet to readers I may never meet, a break was needed as I stopped procrastinating, buckled down and battled through my A Level exams. I am now a proud first-year Journalism student at University of the West of England, Bristol, and am fully embracing the city life. I may have gone a little crazy during the first month or two at the prospect of having clubs and beautiful high street shops literally on my doorstep, but after realising how little the government hands over through student finance, I’ve got a job and continue to enjoy Bristol in its entirety, although possibly using my card a little less often as before…

Another year passed by, and another Christmas enjoyed, with my one this year being a little different in that rather than staying in the family home, we travelled to Lympstone to stay with my sister and her little family. Gathered in the living room the past few days have been the standard Penketh-Kings with my sister’s husband and daughter, as well as the very special addition of my brand new adorable 6 week old nephew. However, my sister did not quite comprehend the dangerous outcomes of naming her son Harry when his aunty is a major self-confessed Potterhead (fan of Harry Potter if any of you muggles didn’t know). Aside from constant whispers of ‘Yer a wizard, ‘Arry’ in the baby boy’s ear when my sister was out of the room, I eagerly anticipated present time when my sister unwrapped a blue babygrow with the classic design of a cartoon finger pointing to the left and the words ‘I’m With The Muggle’ printed on it. When my adorable niece then excitedly ripped off the wrapping paper covering a spinning, talking Olaf (a snowman from the Disney film ‘Frozen’ if you’ve been living under a rock for the past year) and enveloped me in the biggest cuddle ever, I knew I had excelled in my position as World’s Greatest Aunt.

It’s always been sad that the true magical feeling of waiting for Santa Claus has faded away as the years have ticked by… But if you ever want to recapture the spark of Christmas, then spend with adorable young relatives, specifically a 3 year old niece that bounces from room to room singing the only 8 words of ‘Jingle Bells’ that she knows on repeat. With the camera flashing away on Christmas Eve, my niece laid out a carrot, mince pie and a glass of milk by the fireplace before running upstairs to bed, chatting away about tomorrow until her little head hit the pillow. This was all very cute, but suddenly didn’t seem so adorable when the same blonde bundle of excitement was jumping on me at 7:20AM on Christmas Day, insisting that Santa had been and we had to open our stockings now now NOW! But with every gasp at each new present, I couldn’t help but smile as each present was loved for about 30 seconds before she realised there were more presents to open and was ripping the paper off the next. I know that technology is more my kind of toy nowadays, but I couldn’t help feel a little jealous as my niece unwrapped yet another Playdoh gift set. Watching her play as I cradled a sleeping baby boy in my arms and we all snuggled to watch TV, I felt like the real magic of Christmas had returned. Saying goodbye the next day today hurt as it was so wonderful to finally have the family all together again, my chest feeling cold without a snug little baby to hold, but it just made me realise how lovely this holiday has been – one I won’t forget.

With amazing presents ranging from a selfie stick, a beautiful heart necklace and this brand new Hudl tablet so I can blog again, I’ve certainly had an awesome Christmas. I hope every one of you readers here now have had a beautiful Christmas too – comment below how you keep the magic alive! Much love to you all. Goodnight.







One comment on “Keeping the Christmas Magic Alive…

  1. patsieann
    December 26, 2014

    Lovely that you are up and running again Lottie. Keep them coming, much love Aunty Patsie xxx

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